Tin Roof

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Free Day- How to become a missionary

I figured I needed to tell my story of how I came to be a missionary at the Referral Center. I have a heart condition called neurocardiogenic syncope. It basically means that I faint sometimes if I get too hot or don't eat, etc. Any individual who wants to be a missionary fills out an application, called mission papers. Those papers are sent up to church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

When I filled mine out, the word came back that I was not expected to serve a mission for the church because of my heart condition. Through my local church leaders I was given the option to serve other service missions. It wasn't quite the same as a proselyting mission though and I had decided before I turned in my papers that if I wasn't called on a proselyting mission I would pursue other interests.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Free Day! "Without music life would be a mistake.' ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

So in keeping with one of my sister's blogs, I've decided that certain days should have themes. She does this in everyday life to entertain her kids during summertime, and I find it equally entertaining so I've decided to do it on my blog! What can I say, my blog... My rules! ;)

For my first 'Friday Free Day' I've thought a lot about the influence music has on my life. Both my missionary life, and regular life. At the risk of being cliche I would quote the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, which is a kind of guidebook for teenagers in the LDS Church...

"Music is an important and powerful part of life. It can be an influence for good that helps you draw closer to Heavenly Father. However, it can also be used for wicked purposes...Choose carefully the music you listen to. Pay attention to how you feel when you are listening. Don’t listen to music that drives away the Spirit..."- “Music and Dancing,” For the Strength of Youth: Fulfilling Our Duty to God, 20

I would encourage, and invite everyone to notice the music in their lives, and more importantly the affect that it has on them. If it needs to be changed, then change it. It can never hurt to try and grow closer to our Heavenly Father.